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with paper and pencil

Would you like to draw whatever comes to your mind? 

Would you like to illustrate your writing or thoughts, 

or would you like to become an illustrator?

You can do the course in the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere in the world.

Online drawing course

  • You can start the online drawing course when it suits you.

  • The cost of the materials you need is small in comparison.
  • The lesson book is included as part of the course. 
  • The drawing course consists of fifteen units.
  • You can choose English, German or Dutch to communicate.
  • You can work on your assignments whenever suits you and you can take up to 12 months to complete.
  • Cost, € 335 (Europe) $536 (Australia) $380 (USA)

For more info please write an email to [email protected] or

[email protected]

It goes like this;

as soon as you are ready to start and you have made a payment, I will send you the study book with a welcome introduction letter, with explanation of the course, a list of materials you will need and the first assignment.

 When you have finished your assignment, you can or scan the drawings or make photos of the drawings and send them in an attachment to my email address,

I will look at your drawing(s) and assignment and make comments and maybe suggestions. I might ask you to work some more on one drawing and/or make some changes. Sometimes I will show you how to techniques in little video's. And then I will give you new tasks as well. All per email.

If you spend an hour a week (or more) on the course, then you will be right. Don’t worry about if your drawings are good enough, as long as you draw, you will make progress! Any time in between you can ask me questions, if you are unsure of something or want a suggestion or feedback. Just do one task I give you at the time. Don’t try to get ahead in the book. That would only confuse and overwhelm both of us.

And since I concentrate on you, with your unique way of drawing and thinking, the way you will go about the course will be different then someone else. And my approach to you will be different as well.

You will get a year´s time to complete the course. That is plenty of time!

When you have completed the course you will know all the aspects of drawing and illustrating and you will be confident to accomplish any task you set for yourself!