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with paper and pencil


One hand and your eyes are all you need to be able to draw.

Posted on September 21, 2012 at 11:34 AM
Pigs fly. Varkentjes vliegen

A little while ago I broke my foot. The foot is now in plaster and I walk with one leg and two crutches around. There is quite a bit I can not do for a while.
I can´t ride my bike, can not drive        (I don´t have a car anyway), can hardly walk, can´t shower, can´t play a sport, etc. etc.
But I can still draw which I do more as usual now.
In my classes I have sometimes people with a handicap. They might not be able to use their legs or have maybe only one arm.
But you only need one hand and good eyesight (or good glasses) to be able to draw. I had a girl come to my drawing classes who could not speak. But she drew beautiful and often helped the other kids.
I would like to see more people with a handicap draw.
When I draw I feel free as a bird. I can draw whatever I like. We all can.
There is really nothing that could not be drawn. Nothing at all.

Categories: handicapped people who like to draw