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Starting a drawing course

Posted on August 28, 2012 at 12:52 PM
drawing things. Tekenen                                                                       Starting a drawing course 

Another schoolyear has begun and new courses are starting everywhere as well.

I am also starting again. It will be my third year of teaching drawing in Berlin for young people from 9 years old up, in German, on Saturday mornings. 
You can read more in the  "Unterricht"  section on my website,
Next year I will also offer drawing courses for grown ups again, they will be held on Monday evenings.

My mum and I started to join a drawing course when I was a teenager.
 The classes were held on Monday evenings and we enjoyed going there together.
So we joined one more course and another three, until I finished High school. By that time we both loved drawing and painting.

Joining a course is a good way to learn to draw, or improve your drawing skills.
The lessons are structured and every week is a special theme, like drawing faces, drawing perspective, working with light and shade, working with colours etc. 
It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced drawer, you will always benefit from the lessons.

 You will find the drawing courses also invaluable when you decide later to go painting or to make sculptures or design clothes or houses, as you learn to really look good at things and develop your creativity.

And the idea is not to all to draw the same way, but to develop your own style. Many people don´t think they have an own style. But it is like your handwriting, something that is uniquely yours that you can further develop.

The drawing course is a social thing as well. Even though we really concentrate on drawing in the classes, we share the same activity which creates a lovely atmosphere.
And showing your drawings to the other students and looking at their work in return is another good way to get inspired and encouraged.

My mum and I have both kept drawing and painting over all these years.
 When I visit my mum in Holland, I still join in her drawing classes.
 She has held many exhibitions and sold many of her paintings. And when she comes to visit me in Berlin, she takes part in my drawing classes. She is 85 years old by the way. 

But no matter if you come with your mum, dad, sister, friend or alone, make sure you bring enthusiasm along as that is what you really need to succeed. 

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