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with paper and pencil

Veronica van de Vorst (hooy)

To draw, you only need paper and pencil.

Can you think of anything simpler?

When I draw, I concentrate on the piece of paper in front of me and then things start to unfold.

Veronica van de Vorst

illustrator and drawing/illustrating teacher

I was born in Holland where I spent my childhood in an old typical dutch farmhouse in the beautiful rural Achterhoek (meaning the back corner).

After Highschool I studied Art and Drawing at the Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Found Dopey again

I have lived and worked as an illustrator and teacher in Australia for over twenty years and in Berlin in Germany for nine years.

In 2016 I moved back to my homeland Holland (after an absence of nearly thirty years), where I continued to illustrate and teach in Gallery Maaskoe, an old captains house along the Maas in Rotterdam.

Last year, I moved back to Australia, to be closer again to my children and grandchild. The unique Australian nature and its animals were also a drawcard.

Besides drawing, I like to show you how to draw, with methods that look easy and are easy. With the drawing and illustration lessons I have developed over the years, you will be able to learn to draw and develop you imagination and unique style in a friendly and very effective way. 

Over the years I have worked on commissions for,

The Cancer Foundation Australia, Aktion Mensch (the European organisation for integration of people with and without disabilities) Stadtteilzentrum Pankow, Berlin, Ambulante Dienste e.V. Berlin, Magicum Museum Berlin and Gallery Maaskoe Rotterdam.

I have held expositions in Caloundra (Australie), Rotterdam and Zutphen (Holland) and Berlin (Germany).  

getting interested in the wonderful world of drawing